The list of County Judges and City Mayors that trust Custom Pavement Maintenance to restripe their roads are too numerous to list.   However, you can count on the fact that the proof is in the workmanship.   Custom Pavement Maintenance restripes millions of feet of roadways every year with the best quality paint, crews, and equipment available in the industry.  Quality of paint and high reflectivity are the keys when it comes to a quality project.  We use industry best paints and beads always applied at the manufacturer’s recommended application rate or above to keep roads looking safe for your annual program.  Our materials meet or exceed the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department’s requirement for approved paints and glass beads.  If you are a County Judge, Road Foreman, Mayor, Airport Manager, or City Manager, please give us a call at 479-262-6160 for a list of municipal references.

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