If your asphalt is more than 6 months old, it needs to be sealed!

From the moment your asphalt pavement is installed, it starts to lose it flexibility. Over time, this loss of flexibility leads to the formation of cracks and potential pot holes. Add environmental factors to the equation and your asphalt will lose its life quickly. Asphalt is not unlike wood in that it is porous, flexible, exposed to elements, expensive and needs to be treated. The best treatment is two quality coats of asphalt sealer along with hot pour crack sealing. A routine maintenance program of sealing will give you that cosmetic beauty and long lasting pavement that you loved when it was new. 

Don't fall victim to "fly by night" contractors that over dilute asphalt sealers!

There are many contractors in this industry that will sell you on having left over materials from a previous job that they need to use. Don't buy this sales approach. Often they have diluted the material down to subpar level. The parking lot will look black for a few months, then it will prematurely wear and fade.

We only use premium products applied strictly to the manufacturer's recommendations. Please see our product link for the product data on our sealants.

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